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How to Beat the 666 Draco Ma Flesh Mind Sine Wave Repeat Drama System!

All my sites are about Truth being 100% absolute Truth from the Scripture, and revealing how it is also shown in All Objects, Shapes, Colors, Words, History, Movies, Music, Math, Science, etc..etc..

Even the Human Body Reveals the Truth of the Scripture Being the Authority in Life & Eternity & that this Scripture Points back to the story of God’s Son and that this Story is being played out moment by moment in time as a Repeat Holographic Fractal Which is the real TrueMan Show & that God is making copies of that True man by his Son Jesus!!!

We are actually in a daily repeat of that old rugged cross story and each person is  playing his or her role in their calling down here. Revealing Jesus to the World.

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Notes for video right above:

When You Really Grasp This, then U Can Love Anyone Unconditionally! Abide == ab.id.e == abba Father your true identity in the spirit in him reflected everywhere and in all things! Christ in you and you in Christ and Christ in God…. All are pieces of the pie being cut back in, in their stage of growth and process… you can see yourself in others at different stages on the path. When You Really Grasp This, then U Can Love Anyone Unconditionally! Outside reflects the inside! Seeing different stages of yourself in others! Faith of a mustard seed… Coming out of the rain! Becoming aware! No boundariesin Christ! Losing your hope? lost your dream? Do what you dreamed! Seeing yourself in others and creating your dreams again!

Think == th.ink == ink th == ink ether
reflect upon
contemplation == together template == to get her
as a man thinketh so is he
paint == pa in T pa in the cross
you will do greater things

As you become more aware of who you really are aka your person == per.son per the son then you will start to walk a new walk…. the clay vessel starts to focus more on the spirit in the inner man, your eternal being core and not the vanity of the temporal.. you see who you are spiritually as you see the cat becoming aware of it being a cat you become aware of being in the person of Christ as a per.son.

When you look outside at all the scripts of life around you, you start to see it is a mirror image of your own life, moving from bondage in the flesh mind to freedom in the spirit mind…
From babylon to the land of milk and honey!

Source is also the turing machine turning you back into the source!

The cat in the video is becoming aware(awake) as it views the outside mirror of self, seeing it’s own reflection from the inside! As you change in the inner man then your outside will change as well…..